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Tai Chi Essentials: This weekly group class focuses on introduction to zhan zhuang (standing stillness practice), some funtamental qigong practices, and the first section of the Yang style long form. These are good entry level classes for many people or good review for experienced practitioners who want to focus on depth of practice. 

Tai Chi Continuing: These weekly group classes focus on increasing depth of the practices with more emphasis on zhan zhuang and how it prepares the body and mind for the movement practice, qigong for health and integration, and the complete Yang style long form. Saturday classes also include partner work (push hands) to deepen understanding of the movements in the solo form and to learn to find harmony under pressure.

Class Information

Tuesday and Thursday

Berkeley Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley, CA. Contact before attending


Thousand Oaks Park (click for map) is in Berkeley, CA at the corner of Ensenada Ave and Tacoma Ave. Saturday practice is rain or shine!

classes are held outside in the fresh air, so please dress appropriately for the weather. 


Private Lessons 

One-on-one instruction may include form correction, push-hands, and internal work. Contact me to schedule

Limited Series

Focused course for beginners or those looking to rediscover the core fundamentals of Tai Chi practice.

Class Fees

Write to to inquire

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